This is an archive of stuff from my graduate school life.


 2013 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, Finalist
 2012 Facebook Fellowship
NSDI’2012 Best Paper Award 
NSDI’2012 Community Award, Honorable Mention 
Google PhD Fellowship, Finalist
Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, Finalist
 2010 Google GRAD CS Forum’2010 Invited Speaker
 2009 UWaterloo Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Cheriton Type I Scholarship 
UWaterloo Alumni Gold Medal, School Nominee 
UC Berkeley Graduate Fellowship 
 2007 UWaterloo Graduate Entrance Fellowship

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

UC Berkeley
Fall 2012 CS162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming (Prof. Ion Stoica)
Spring 2012 CS162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming (Prof. Anthony Joseph and Ion Stoica)
Winter 2009 CS436: Distributed Computer Systems (Prof. Raouf BoutabaBest TA Award
Fall 2008 CS456: Computer Networks (Prof. Raouf Boutaba)
Winter 2008 CS450: Computer Architecture (Prof. Farhad Mavaddat)
Fall 2007 CS456: Computer Networks (Prof. Raouf Boutaba)
Summer 2007 CS134: Principles of Computer Science

Graduate Research Mentoring

2014 – Rashmi Vinayak I am helping Rashmi to use her theoretical work on product matrix codes to build a coded object store that can outperform traditional systems in terms of storage efficiency, fault tolerance, and throughput.
2011 – 2012 Gautam Kumar I mentored Gautam during the FairCloud project (SIGCOMM’12) and helped him design and run experiments.
2010 – 2011 Tathagata Das I helped Tathagata in catching up with Spark (NSDI’12) and to run experiments when he started his PhD at Berkeley. He now leads the Spark Streaming project at Databricks.
2009 – 2011 Fady Samuel Fady worked with me on formulating, executing, and publishing his work on multi-domain virtual network embedding (PolyViNE @ VISA’10, JISA’13, and his Master’s thesis). Fady is now at Google.
2009 Nabeel Butt I mentored Nabeel in writing up and publishing his Master’s thesis work on re-optimizing virtual network embeddings (Networking’10). Nabeel has moved onto his PhD at Purdue.
2008 – 2010 Muntasir Rahman Muntasir worked with us on virtual network embedding (VINEYard @ INFOCOM’09 and ToN’12). He is a currently a PhD student at UIUC.
2008 Fida-E Zaheer Fida worked with us on identity management in network virtualization environments (iMark @ IM’09). He is a serial entrepreneur in Canada.

Graduate Coursework

All A or A+. Reports for the course projects and corresponding posters can be found here.

UC Berkeley
Fall 2013 INFO256: Applied Natural Language Processing (Prof. Marti Hearst)
Fall 2011 CS294-42: Cloud computing: Systems, Networking, and Frameworks (Prof. Ion Stoica)
Spring 2011 CS294-35: Cellphones as a Computing Platform (Prof. Eric Brewer)
Spring 2010 CS270: Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures (Prof. Richard Karp)
CS267: Applications of Parallel Computers (Prof. James Demmel and Horst Simon)
Fall 2009 CS268: Computer Networks (Prof. Randy Katz)
CS262A: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems (Prof. Eric Brewer)
Winter 2009 CS854: Advanced Topics in Virtualization (Prof. Raouf Boutaba)
Winter 2008 CS856: Advanced Topics in Peer-to-Peer Networking (Prof. Raouf Boutaba)
Fall 2007 CS798: Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval (Prof. Charlie Clarke)
CS856: Architectural Principles for Large-scale Networks (Prof. Martin Karsten) [Audit]
Spring 2007 CS654: Distributed Systems (Prof. Steve MacDonald)
CS860: Adaptive, Output Sensitive, Online and Parameterized Algorithms (Prof. Alex López-Ortiz)
Best TA Award