Graduate Coursework

University of California, Berkeley

Fall 2013

  • INFO256: Applied Natural Language Processing (Prof. Marti Hearst)
    • Project: Implementation of XTract Algorithm in WordSeer [Proposal] [Report]

Fall 2011

  • CS294-42: Cloud computing: Systems, Networking, and Frameworks (Prof. Ion Stoica)

Spring 2011

  • CS294-35: Cellphones as a Computing Platform (Prof. Eric Brewer)
    • Project: Infrastructureless Communication on the Android Platform [Poster] [Source]

Spring 2010

Fall 2009

  • CS268: Computer Networks (Prof. Randy Katz)
  • CS262A: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems (Prof. Eric Brewer)
    • Project: Packet Classification with Explicit Coordination (Combined with CS268)

University of Waterloo

Winter 2009

Winter 2008

  • CS856: Advanced Topics in Peer-to-Peer Networking (Prof. Raouf Boutaba)

Fall 2007

  • CS798: Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval (Prof. Charlie Clarke)
    • Project: A Survey of Web Advertising [Report]
  • CS856: Architectural Principles for Large-scale Networks (Prof. Martin Karsten) [Audit]

Spring 2007

  • CS654: Distributed Systems (Prof. Steve MacDonald)
    • Project: Critical Examination of Service Discovery Techniques in Peer-to-Peer Systems [Proposal] [Report]
  • CS860: Adaptive, Output Sensitive, Online and Parameterized Algorithms (Prof. Alex López-Ortiz)
    • Project: Adaptive Analysis of High-Speed Router Performance in Packet-Switched Networks [Proposal] [Survey] [Report]