ViNE-Yard has been accepted at INFOCOM’2009

Just in. Our paper “Virtual Network Embedding with Coordinated Node and Link Mapping”, which presents D-ViNE and R-ViNE algorithms,  has been accepted at INFOCOM’2009. Apparently, I have overtaken myself and will be presenting my first paper in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next April. :D

Here goes the abstract:

Recently network virtualization has been proposed as a promising way to overcome the current ossification of the Internet by allowing multiple heterogeneous virtual networks (VNs) to coexist on a shared infrastructure. A major challenge in this respect is the VN embedding problem that deals with efficient mapping of virtual nodes and virtual links onto the substrate network resources. Since this problem is known to be NP-hard, previous research has focused on designing heuristic-based algorithms which have clear separation between the node and link mapping phases.

This paper proposes VN embedding algorithms with better coordination between the two phases. We formulate the VN embedding problem as a mixed integer program through substrate network augmentation. We then relax the integer constraints to obtain a linear program, and devise two VN embedding algorithms D-ViNE and R-ViNE using deterministic and randomized rounding techniques, respectively. Simulation experiments show that the proposed algorithms increase the acceptance ratio and the revenue while decreasing the cost incurred by the substrate network in the long run.

You can access a copy of the paper in the publications page along with my other works.

Some stats now: This year Infocom received 1435 papers (after post-submission withdrawals) of which 282 papers were accepted after a thorough review process. Hence the acceptance ratio would be 19.65%.

List of papers accepted into the main conference is available here.

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