PolyViNE has been accepted at VISA’2010

Our paper, “PolyViNE: Policy-based Virtual Network Embedding Across Multiple Domains” is set to appear in VISA’2010 workshop (with SIGCOMM’2010) in New Delhi. I worked on it during my last few months in Waterloo (circa Winter/Spring 2009), and it has been lying around ever since because everyone had been busy. Finally, its going to wake up and smell a workshop.

Intra-domain virtual network embedding (ViNE) is a well studied problem in the network virtualization literature. For most practical purposes, however, virtual networks (VNs) must be provisioned across heterogeneous administrative domains managed by multiple infrastructure providers (InPs).

In this paper we present PolyViNE, a policy-based inter-domain VN embedding framework that embeds end-to-end VNs in a decentralized manner. PolyViNE introduces a distributed protocol that coordinates the VN embedding process across participating InPs and ensures competitive prices for service providers (SPs), i.e., VN owners. We also present a location aware VN request forwarding mechanism — based on a hierarchical addressing scheme (COST) and a location awareness protocol (LAP) — to allow faster embedding and outline scalability and performance characteristics of PolyViNE through quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

As always, the paper can be found in my publications page. once I upload it (not yet).

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  1. I am a graduate in beijing university of posts and telecommunications (BUPT).Our team are researching your PolyViNE for a few times´╝îwe are eager to want you to give us the resource of this paper.

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