Current PhD Students

Current Master’s and Undergraduate Students

  • Yuchen Wang (CE BSE)

Graduated/Past Members

  1. Jack Kosaian (CSE BSE) → PhD @CMU
  2. Qinye Li (CSE BSE) → Master’s @Michigan
  3. Yang Liu (ECE MSE) → @Facebook
  4. Shuoren Fu (CE BSE) → Master’s @Michigan
  5. Yilei Xu (ECE MSE) → @Intel
  6. Yue Tan (CS-LSA BS) → PhD @Princeton
  7. Wenting Tan (CSE BSE) → Master’s @Georgia Tech


I have also worked/work closely with the following PhD students.

  • Robert Grandl (UW-Madison, advised by Aditya Akella) → @Google
  • Tan N. Le (Stony Brook, advised by Zhenhua Liu)
  • Youngmoon Lee (Michigan, advised by Kang G. Shin)
  • Muhammed Uluyol (Michigan, advised by Harsha Madhyastha)
  • Hong Zhang (HKUST, advised by Kai Chen)