Par Lab Boot Camp 2009: Short Course on Parallel Programming

Note: Videos of the talks from the workshop are now available here.

As part of their summer school activities, the Par Lab at UC Berkeley is arranging a short course/workshop on parallel programming from the 19th to 21st August’2009. This workshop will also act as the boot camp for the incoming graduate students who want to pursue their PhD studies with an aim to unleash the power of parallelism.

Fortunately, its free for the Berkeley people. I thought it’ll be cool to know some techniques or at least a few key words to understand what the parallel guys talk about when they don’t talk parallelly! So here I am, waiting for the classes to start, participating in the boot camp trying to be hip by bagging some multi-core lingo.

Here goes the official program summary from the boot camp website:

We will provide an introduction to a current parallel architectures and programming models. This will include a thorough exposure to languages and tools for shared-memory programming, including hands-on experience. We will provide an overview of programming on other important parallel architectures (GPUs, Clouds, and distributed memory machines). In addition we will provide a unique Berkeley View on architecting parallel software using design patterns. We will go into depth on the mechanisms for structuring complex parallel code as well as into the core computations of complex applications. Finally, we will illustrate all these ideas with in-depth discussions of a variety of exciting parallel applications from image retrieval, speech recognition, computer music, and other areas.

To remain committed to the promise of parallelism, yours truly will also be experimenting with his multi-core capabilities as a live blogger while being a serious (!) workshop attendee in this very page.

Note: Each day is on a different page; day i being on page (i+1).

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