Prelim, begone, I will have no more of thee!

Update: I’ve finally uploaded the reading list. Here it is!

Took the networking Prelim last Thursday and passed. I was a never fan of oral interrogations; heck, I am not a fan of any interrogation for that matter. And this one was really a close call; I am just happy to reach alive at the other end of the tunnel. What a relief! Thanks to everyone, specially Ganesh and Matei, who helped me prepare with mock Prelims and everything else.

I will have the (unofficial) reading list for this Prelim in a future post.

On another note, do watch Rosemary’s Baby to find out where the title of this post originated from. Believe it or not, I had this post in mind since I heard Rosemary saying “Pain, begone, I will have no more thee!”It feels great to be able to use it finally!

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