Extended version of ViNEYard has been accepted in IEEE/ACM ToN

An extended, updated, and emended version of our ViNEYard paper in INFOCOM’09 has been accepted for publication in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking after yearlong multiple rounds of reviews. Since there is normally a long queue for actually getting an accepted ToN paper printed, its hard to tell when ours will officially be out there. I’d like to thank our anonymous reviewers who took great amount of care to find existing issues in the original submission and suggested directions for improvements. Thanks also to Cedric Westphal for moderating the process in a fast and efficient manner. Lastly, without Prof. Boutaba’s insistence on getting it done (even after both Muntasir and I had left Waterloo,) this paper would never have come to be.

Apart from many small tweaks and fixes (some reported by researchers who read the INFOCOM version; thank you), the following are include some of the notable changes:

  • Introduced WiNE, a generalized window-based VN embedding mechanism for equipping any existing online VN embedding algorithm with lookahead capabilities.
  • Compared the ViNEYard algorithms with their counterparts under the influence of WiNE ;)
  • Included time-complexity expressions from D-ViNE and R-ViNE.
  • Added extended evaluation results on the comparative run times of the proposed algorithms.
  • Updated/added references to related work.
  • Provided approximation ratio for D-ViNE under a restricted model.

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