I’m a PhD candidate now!

I’ve finally taken the qualifying exam this morning and presented my proposal in front of professors Sylvia Ratnasamy, Ion Stoica, Scott Shenker, and Marti Hearst. It was good to hear them say I passed :)

My proposal was on using coflows to better manage the network for data-intensive cluster applications: how to manage each one individually, how to manage them together, and how to move everything else out of coflows’ ways.

My talk improved for the better by sitting down with and giving practice talks to Yuan, David, Ali, Ganesh, Panda, Sameer, Anand, and Arka. I’d also thank Matei, Gautam, and TD who helped me even though they were travelling. This is one of the great things about the AMPLab; my lab mates are awesome!

Looking forward to get some work done in the coming months.

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